About Us

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This business is owned primarily by Miss Brittany Jones. The main service Sugar Coat It offers is baking and customizing cakes and desserts to the customer’s specific desires. It is still in the launch phase so the customers are primarily friends, family, and friends of friends and family. The client gets in contact with Brittany and lets her know what they want as far as flavors and decorations. She the proceeds to brainstorm a cake and make a few sketches and runs it by the client. If they don’t approve she goes through that process again, but if they do approve, she starts the baking. She bakes, sculpts, and decorates until the end result is a brilliant masterpiece. 



Enjoying the Little Things

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There are so many little things that happen in life that can brighten your whole day if you let them.

We all go through life so quickly that we sometimes become overwhelmed. Every now and then we should take a moment, take a deep breath, and remember something very important: there’s no reason to stress out.

For my 19th birthday my friend gave me a book called The Book of Awesome. I joked around saying that the book was my biography before I even read it, but once I read it i realized that everyone should take this book to heart. After I finished the book I looked online to see if I could find more awesome little things we take for granted and came across a blog run by the author. He reminds us constantly that  whether it’s stretching out your legs after a long car ride, getting the day off on your birthday, or the satisfying feeling of a successful high ten, taking a moment to realize how awesome it is can really improve your view on life.

The Introduction

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Recently mankind has been eating their desserts simply out of boredom. People are missing out on enjoying and savoring their sweets. 


there is still hope for humanity. Sugar Coat It baking offers a simple way for people to people to gain possession of amazing treats that are not only alluring to the taste buds, but also to the eyes. 


Hello There!!

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Sugar Coat Is offers the baking and customization of cakes to the customer’s specific desires. We get the cake order and design a cake specifically to your vision. We will bake and sculpt the cake or cupcakes and then add on aspects that will make the cake into a masterpiece at the end 🙂