The Introduction

Recently mankind has been eating their desserts simply out of boredom. People are missing out on enjoying and savoring their sweets. 


there is still hope for humanity. Sugar Coat It baking offers a simple way for people to people to gain possession of amazing treats that are not only alluring to the taste buds, but also to the eyes. 



2 Responses to “The Introduction”

  1. ergocomfortwest Says:

    It find it to be true that people eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouths, in what ways does ‘sugar coat it’ create that see it before you eat it concept? Do you believe that there are strategies to making food look more appealing or does a person have to have an artistic ability?


    • Those are excellent questions. Although artistic ability is definitely a plus in this particular area, the most important thing, in my opinion, is take your time! Just like in most things, if you rush it, it’s more than likely going to look a bit sloppy. As for your “see it before you eat it” question, think of it this way. If I were to put a pile of gray mush in front of someone and tell them “Hey, it’s great stuff!” They’re likely to be a little wary. However, much like a humming bird, people are naturally attracted to wow things! For instance, a black and white photo is interesting to look at but if you highlight a single flower in color, your eyes immediately go right to that! My goal is to make you do the same with any kind of sugar coated goodness I make.If I can first make you stop and really look and admire the piece, I’ve met my first goal. I’ve given you a little bit of excitement before you eat. Naturally, people are going to be curious if it tastes as good as it looks. I try to do my very best to create a piece of art. It may not last long but if I can make a person stop and look, they’ve already begun to feast with their eyes. I hope that answered your questions. Feel free to ask as many as you like. Have a sweet day!

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